Can we just be real for a minute and admit that marriage is TOUGH? We all start out the same, full of hopes and dreams of the perfect marriage and then life happens! The stresses of life can lead to dangerous thoughts, and before we know it those dangerous thoughts often lead to detrimental choices. Is there a way back from that? At Jefferson Counseling, we believe that any marriage can be restored as long as both partners are committed to the process. Seeking the help of a professional is a great indication that you are ready to get to work to save your marriage. At Jefferson Counseling, we offer a more intensive approach that we call Couples Counseling Couples. Sessions are booked with both Ben and Jada, so you have a married couple, who happen to be counselors, working with you at the same time. This can help with couples feeling like the therapist is being biased. The couple meets with Ben and Jada at the initial appointment, and then has the opportunity to meet individually for anywhere from one to three sessions to get a full understanding of what is going on from his or her perspective. Once the individual sessions are completed, the couple rejoins for the joint sessions. We have found that working with each individual helps us get to the actual issues quicker, thus saving you time and money. The rate for this service is $150 per session whether we meet individually or as a couple. We also offer traditional Couples Counseling where you meet with one therapist for a rate of $125 per session. Don't stay stuck in a miserable us today and let's work on it together!